Why We Need to Start Talking More About Political Differences

political differences

Let’s talk politics!!  This topic can be a table clearer and a trigger topic for so many but that is not my intention here.  Let me explain.        

It was always believed that we don’t talk about politics or religion because not everyone has the same beliefs.  Do we not want to offend anyone or make people feel uncomfortable?   Is it because we are so passionate in our own beliefs that we can’t see the possibility of another viewpoint?  Do we feel that our beliefs are “right” and every other viewpoint is wrong?  Are we incapable of recognizing that people come from different backgrounds and experiences that mold their belief system?  Or do we recognize diverse backgrounds but we don’t acknowledge or accept them because they are not ours?  Why can’t adults have civilized conversations about differences? Maybe it’s time for a new approach.          

Just as Bill Maher kinda started the vaccine conversation when he asked why we weren’t talking about the dangerous ingredients and possible side effects in childhood vaccines.  There are in fact dangerous ingredients and side effects in childhood vaccines and to not have these conversations, is doing our children a huge disservice.  These are important conversations we need to be having regardless which side of the vaccine debate you’re on.  

Politics is a part of our lives.  Political policy is steering the direction of the world in which we live and to refrain from having these conversations is not realistic.  It’s unhealthy even.  Take social media for example.  I have never seen so much hate, ridicule, name calling and complete disrespect for people who have different political views than I am seeing right now.  And this is coming from adults.

I am a truth seeker and a freedom fighter.  My views and beliefs often go against the grain.  For a long time I didn’t have a voice when it came to my beliefs, but now I do.  I may be viewed as a right wing republican, an anti- vaxxer and a conspiracy theorist, but that is not who I am.  That isn’t what defines me.  I am a mother who loves her kids and will move heaven and earth to keep her babies safe.  What mother wouldn’t do that?

My kids were kicked out of school for a disease they didn’t have.  My family has been stripped of our religious liberties and constitutional rights.  I am moving my family 700 miles in search of religious and medical freedom so my kids can go to school.  I stand firm in my convictions and I want to share my truth without being ridiculed or judged.

Let’s look past the labels and consider the background story.  Let’s leave our judgement behind and try to understand why someone feels the way they do.  Let’s agree to disagree and stop ridiculing one other.  It may be too late for us but let’s do it for our kids who still have a chance.  We can do better for them so they will have open minds and recognize and respect differences and be able to have civilized conversations about politics without it leading to ridicule, disapproval and division.


“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself”   

Dr. Wayne Dyer


Wishing you love in your heart and peace in your soul!

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