Podcast Episode 4 ~ How to have a positive mindset. Strategies you can implement that will shift your thought process.

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Everything we do, everything we think, everyone we meet and all of our experiences are interpreted by our mindset.  

And the crazy thing is we have control over our mindset.  We have control what we make of the people, places and experiences in our lives.  

Our brains are programed to obsess over negative emotions over positive emotions.  

How many times have you obsessed over a negative experience or regret doing or not doing something.  The entire experience could have been a positive one, but we tend to hyper focus on that one little negative.  It can cause us quite a bit of stress.

But we have the power to reprogram our brains to think a certain way.

I have always been a pretty positive person.  Im an optimist by nature, always have been. And it’s not that things come easy for me.  If anything I feel that most of my experiences come with a challenge but it helps me to appreciate things that much more.    

I have 4 beautiful, healthy children but i had some pretty messed up pregnancies.  In addition to being sick as a dog for 14 weeks straight with each pregnancy, and having terrible sciatica, I had some sort of problem or scare with each of my pregnancies.  

One pregnancy we had a surgeon on standby in the delivery room that thankfully we didn’t end up needing and another pregnancy was predicted to not even make it to term.  If i had listened to my doctors my life would have been a lot different now.

Thankfully I did give birth to a beautiful baby girl but not after going through an extremely stressful pregnancy.  

But through all these trials and tribulations I always felt blessed and grateful to be able to experience pregnancy and childbirth.  

And as difficult as it was i appreciated it all that much more.    

I just turned 40 years old and the hubby and I planned to go on a spa weekend getaway which we would leave our kids for the first time EVER!  

Well a few days prior I ended up getting the stomach bug for the first time in a long time and the heat in our house ended up busting and the part we needed cost a small a fortune so we decided that the timing wasn’t right so we would postpone our trip for a later time.  

So we decided to celebrate my 40th birthday and Valentine’s Day by taking the family to this Mexican restaurant that we’ve been dying to try. I called the restaurant to make sure the restaurant was family friendly on Valentines day evening and I made a reservation for 6.  A Margherita would be the perfect way to celebrate my 40th birthday.

Instead by two little ones got sick with the flu and strep throat.  I got the “your kid has strep throat” call from the dr. first thing on my bday morning.  

Then I get an email from my kids school that lice is going around.  Which if you listened to episode 3 then you know I am a crazy lice lady.  

So I spent my 40th birthday night taking care of two sick little ones and doing lice comb outs on the two big ones.  

It most definitely wasn’t the ideal 40th birthday I had envisioned.  A far cry from margherita’s and cranial massages that’s for sure.

We ordered take out from a Japanese  steakhouse that we also have been wanting to try and it was delicious.  I haven’t enjoyed a good meal like that in a very long time.

We listened to a spa weekend playlist i had created of mine and my hubby’s favorite songs, which was a stake through the heart for my hubby, we had nice conversations and we enjoyed each other’s company.  

My kids spoiled me with cards and homemade gifts.  They all went around the table and said what they love about me and what makes me a great mother.  My heart was overflowing with joy. Then my little sick guy, with his red, glassy eyes handed me a little box that he has been talking about for days.  

I opened the box as my kids were all sitting around me with excitement for me to see what they got me.  I opened up a beautiful heart necklace that i will always cherish and hold close to my heart. It will always remind me of the overwhelming love and joy I felt at that exact moment.  

We had birthday cake and chocolate covered strawberries.  I drank wine while we listened to our spa weekend playlist as I did lice comb outs on my girls and reminisced about the “olden days”.  

I couldn’t picture myself celebrating my birthday any other way.  

I could have had a pity party for myself.  I mean lice comb outs and amoxicillin are a far cry from cranial massages and margherita’s, but I got to celebrate another year of life doing what i love with the people I love.  

I’m not a victim, I don’t feel sorry for myself, It’s not tough luck, it’s just mom life and i’m grateful for it.  

I am grateful that I am here, healthy and able to celebrate another birthday.  I’m grateful that i have an amazing family to celebrate with. I’m grateful for the wonderful relationships I have with each of my kids and my husband.  

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and for whatever reason, I may never know, I strongly believe that I spent my 40th birthday doing exactly what i was meant to be doing.

Mindset is everything, especially for us moms who create the tone for our kids.

Steps you can take to have a positive mindset

  1. Gratitude
  2. Meditation
  3. Avoid negative self talk
  4. Don’t get sucked into other people’s drama
  5. Find the humor – recognize the humor in a stressful situation



What are your thoughts?  


Did you find any of these steps valuable?  Is there anything you will start incorporating into your life?  What steps do you take to lead a happy and meaningful life?


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