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I hope this blog post finds you in a calm, peaceful place.  I am in the process of working my way back to finding peace and zen in my crazy life.  

Part of this zen I strive for is peace of mind and much of my peace of mind comes from feeling like I’m in control of my life.  When I feel like I am in control of my life, no matter how hectic our situation, I can better handle the chaos.

When our lives feel out of control and we are constantly trying to keep up, it’s not a good feeling.  I, like I’m sure many of you, don’t do well in that type of situation.  It’s not good for our minds, bodies or souls so I do everything possible to avoid that out of control feeling. 

One thing I do and spend lots of time on is planning.  Being prepared and knowing what’s coming, helps me to feel in control of my life.  

With four kids, working and homeschooling, life can often feel very overwhelming.  Planning helps keep my busy life in order.   

I spend more time on planning than I’d like to admit and probably more money than I probably should on planning supplies.  Although planning doesn’t have to be costly. I’m just a sucker for post it’s, pretty paper and fancy pens. #guiltypleasure    

I’m always trying all types of different planning systems.  Either one’s purchased, downloaded on line or ones I created.  Finding the right planning system to fit your needs is probably three quarters of the battle.  That’s why many times, I just create my own.  I get ideas and inspiration from ones I purchase or download and then I fine tune it and create planners that fit my needs.  I create everything on Canva.  it’s free and simple.        

I’m going to share with you my favorite planning systems that I use.  



Discbound Notebook

organized mom

A discbound notebook uses little disks allowing you to customize and reposition papers, tabs, folders, pockets, etc to your liking.  It’s like a notebook, binder and planer all in one. There are quite a few to choose from.  Martha Stewart, to no surprise, created a line of discbound notebooks.  But the one I use is called the Arc Notebook.  I do use Martha Stewart inserts and I customize my own.  This is the type of notebook system I keep coming back to and it never dissapoints.  I’m currently using my discbound notebook for homeschooling.  I am homeschooling some of my kids and having all my curriculum, content, lesson plans and goals in one place is a huge stress reliever and time saver.  After much time, money and wine, I created the perfect homeschool planning system that fits my needs.



Bullet Journal

organized mom

I accidentally came across a bullet journal and it has changed my life.  A bullet journal. aka Bujo was created by a digital product designer and author named Ryder Carroll from Brooklyn, NY who had learning disabilities and was looking for alternative ways to be focused and productive.  He developed the bullet journal.  It’s so much more than just a journal, it’s a methodology.  It’s a productivity system that helps you live life intentionally.  Figuring out what you need your bullet journal for is part of the process but once you learn how your bullet journal can best serve you, it’s a total game changer.  

The possibilities are endless in how you can use your bullet journal and can be very overwhelming.  

I use and love my handy dandy bullet journal​ as a way to organize my thoughts to avoid that feeling of overwhelm.  A bullet journal allows you to create charts, tables, graphs, etc… to organize, plan and prepare your busy life.  I separate my bullet journal into 4 sections: 

  1. Planning – monthly, weekly, daily logs 
  2. Tracking – fitness goals and accomplishments, kids illnesses and medical treatment and period tracker 
  3. Collections – projects, goals, lists and genius ideas 
  4. Journaling – feeling and thoughts, motivation and gratitude 

Pinterest and Instagram #bulletjournal has tons of ways for you to customize your journal to fit your needs.  




Meal Planning

organized mom

I created my own meal planning system that has everything I need.  Planning my meals depends on our schedule for the week.  So I created a planner that has a place for our weekly tasks, our meals and a shopping list.  I then created a planner that focuses on detailed meal plans for the week and a detailed shopping list.  There are tons of meal planners available, but this is the one that I use and that works for me.  Click here for more on Simple weeknight meals.

Download your Meal Planning Printable Pack below.



The 4 Step Simply Organized System


I created and started using this 4 step visual planning system to simplify and optimize my time and it’s been a true game changer.

Here’s the breakdown…


Step 1 – Brainstorm

Brainstorm a list of things that need to get done for the week.  Use the questions on the left hand side to get evrything thats overcrowding your brain onto paper.  Seeing a visual of your to do’s reduces stress and overwhelm and puts things into perspective.


planning system


Step 2 – Categorize

Take your brainstorm list from Step 1 and separate them into categories.  Breaking down your to do’s visually simplifies the work load making things more “doable”.

planning system



Step 3  – Prioritize

In this step, you’re breaking down your categorized tasks even more by applying it to the ABCDE Method.  This method is a simple and effective technique that places priority on each of your tasks.


planning system



Step 4  – Schedule

In this final step, you fill in your schedule using your prioritized list.

Before you do that, you would fill in any non negotiables first –  appointments, meetings, deadlines, etc. and then fill in your tasks from step 3.

The more detailed you are in your planning, the more successful you will be at getting everything accomplished without stress and overwhelm. 


planning system



Since implementing this planning system, my stress level and overwhelm have decreased drastically.  Mom life is TOUGH, being organized is half the battle.

You can download this Planning System below.





Are you an organizational guru?  Which systems do you use and love?  Leave a comment below.

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