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An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Or does it?  Did you know a sweet, delicious, innocent looking apple is saturated with pesticides?  

Pesticides are linked to a range of serious illness including cancer, respiratory problems, neurodevelopment delays and impaired motor skills, Hormone disruption, Parkinsons disease, and skin, lung and eye issues.

The European Union has banned the use of certain toxins and pesticides on their apples and raised their standard of acceptable pesticide levels while the United States still allows high levels of pesticides on their apples knowing they are toxic to humans.   

Conventional apples are not the only fruit high in pesticides.  The EWG publishes a list every year of fruits and vegetables that contain high level of pesticides – The Dirty Dozen.  

Each of these foods tested positive for a number of different pesticide residues and contained higher concentrations of pesticides than other produce and should always be purchased organic.   


The Dirty Dozen

1.  Strawberries

2.  Spinach

3.  Kale

4.  Nectarines

5.  Apples

6.  Grapes

7.  Peaches

8.  Cherries

9.  Pears

10.  Tomatoes

11.  Celery

12.  Potatoes

+13.  Hot peppers


Food can either heal or cause disease and sadly many conventional foods Americans are consuming are doing more harm than good.  

It’s up to us to educate and make informed decisions about what we feed our families.  We need to play by our own rules and set our own standards on what we deem safe because god knows our government doesn’t care about our health.    

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