Work Smarter not Harder. Must Have Kitchen Tools for the Healthy Mom

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I love feeding my family healthy, home cooked, real food.  But with 4 kids, the hubby’s unpredictable work schedule and everyone running in different directions, healthy, family meals can be very challenging.  I learned how to maximize my time by pre – planning and investing in a few good kitchen tools to help me prepare healthy food options for my family without spending hours in the kitchen.


Here are my favorite kitchen tools to help me work smarter not harder.


KitchenAid Mixer 

Must Have Kitchen Tools For The Busy Mom








The possibilities are endless when it comes to a KitchenAid Mixer.  This powerful tool can mash, kneed, whip, beat and mix for all your cooking and baking needs.  From Sunday meatballs to holiday cookies.  One of the uh-may-zing things about the KitchenAid Mixer is all the attachments you can add on.  I have my eye on the Vegetable Sheet CutterSpiralizer Attachment with Peel, Core and Slice and the Pasta Press.



Bread Machine

Must Have Kitchen Tools For The Busy Mom







When I first got my bread machine I had every intention of making a variety of different, home made, from scratch breads.  The breads were delicious and super healthy.  But it was too time consuming and not something I was able to maintain.  Low and behold Bob’s Red Mill Bread Mix.  I have always used Bob’s Redmill products because they are healthy and have safe ingredients but I had no idea Bob’s Redmill made a Bread mix.  I couldn’t contain my level of excitement when I came across this gem in the organic isle of my local supermarket.  #winning  So now, thanks to bob and his Red Mill, I can make my kids fresh baked bread without breaking a sweat.

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Nutri Bullet

must have kitchen tools for the busy mom





I got my nutri bullet with the intention of only using it to make my morning protein smoothies.  I was looking for a tool to make make my smoothies effortlessly and with little clean up.  The blend and go concept is super convenient.  Now I use my nutri bullet multi times a day.  My kids love my smoothies as an after school snack where i’m able to sneak in some fruits and veggies.  I also use it to pulverize tomato’s, beans and basil for pesto.  It’s pretty powerful for a little gadget.



Instant Pot

Must Have Kitchen Tools For The Busy Mom







I love, love, love my Instant Pot.  I’ve only been using it for about one month and I’m not using it to it’s full potential yet as I’m still learning it’s many uses but so far I LOVE IT!  I use my instant pot 4-5 nights a week.  It is a multi-functional cooker that is meant for busy moms to get weeknight dinners on the table.  I have used it as a pressure cooker, to sauté, steam and slow cooker.  It’s also a rice and yogurt maker.  It makes things super fast and delicious.  Did you ever forget to defrost something and then your dinner plan for the night is out the window?  That doesn’t happen with the instant pot.  You can cook frozen foods in minutes.  This is a MUST HAVE for any busy mom trying to feed their family healthy, home cooked meals.






Air Fryer

Must Have Kitchen Tools For The Busy Mom







I was always on the fence about getting an Air Fryer.  It’s kinda bulky, takes up counter space and I wondered if I really needed another kitchen gadget.  I have the instant pot and nothing will top that.  Well…, my only regret is that I did not get an air fryer sooner.  I love it.  It can fry, bake, roast and grill with little to no oil.  It makes all your food crispy as if it were deep fried.  I have been experimenting with healthy finger foods and I am always pleasantly surprised at how crispy and delicious everything comes out.  It’s almost too good to be true.   




Must Have Kitchen Tools For The Busy Mom






I was in a zoodle frenzy when I first got my  spiralizer  You can spiralize so many vegetables into spaghetti or curly fries.  My favorite veggie to spiralize is zucchini.  Then I sauté them in garlic and oil just for a minute or two and top with sea salt, black pepper and a little grated cheese.  It’s the perfect substitution when my family is eating pasta during Sunday dinner.  I also spiralize carrots, onion, sweet potatoes, and bell pepper.  The vegetable spiralizer comes with five different blades to make assorted sized spirals.  This is a great way to add a variety of colored veggies to your diet in a healthy, fun way.




Food Processor






I got my food processor as a gift for my bridal shower 15 years ago.  It finally bit the dust.  I am in the market for a new one, especially since the kids have gone back to school and our schedules are well, crazy again.  For any busy mom looking to work smarter not harder, a Food Processor is a must.  It can slice and cut vegetables, shred or grate cheeses and vegetables, grind nuts, seeds, meats and dried fruit, mix and kneed dough and make dips and sauces.   When I am ready to make my purchase, I have my eye on the Cuisinart 14-Cup Brushed Stainless Steel Food Processor. 



What kitchen tools can’t you live without?  Drop a comment below?



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