Do you have a story that you think other mom’s would benefit from hearing?  Writing a guest post is a great way to get your story out into the universe.


Who we are:

We are an all natural and holistic mom blog focusing on empowering moms to make informed decisions and live a life of joy, balance and optimal health & wellness.


Who can submit a guest post:

Any and all mom’s (or dad’s).  All mom’s (dad’s too) have a story to tell.  And we love hearing other mom stories that we can relate to .  If you’re a mom (or dad) who has a story to tell, then you qualify as a guest blogger.


What can I write about? 

The main categories on Simply Pure Mama are 

Non toxic household
Clean eating
Natural Remedies
Non toxic beauty

Feel free to write about whatever topic tickles your fancy and you think other mom’s would benefit from hearing.  Do you have a child with special needs?  Did you or are you overcoming an obstacle?  Are you a single or working mom trying to juggle it all and you want to share some time saving hacks that changed your life?  The possibilities are endless.  


Is there anything that’s not allowed?

I would like content that lends itself to our natural living philosophy.  We can talk more about this when you submit your topic.  I only ask that you refrain from writing about controversial topics like politics, religion, vaccinations…  This is a place of peace and zen.


Is there a minimum or maximum amount of words?

Not really.  It all depends on the topic.  Write until your heart is content.  A good rule of thumb is anywhere between 250 – 2000 words.  But I will say that often times less is more.


Where do I create my content and how do I submit it?

Your content should be created in Google Docs (super easy to use) and we can share it with one another.


I want to write a guest post, how do I get started?

Click the link below to fill out a submission form


Guest Post Form

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