Get vaccinated or leave school. My kids were part of the 26,000 NY kids kicked out of school

June 13, 2019 was a day that changed my life forever.  That was the day I lost a part of me. Any faith I had in humanity diminished that day.  My feelings of peace, joy and balance that I was so intentional about maintaining, vanished and I became overtaken with anger, fear and resentment

Prior to June 13 I was a happy go lucky, glass is always half full, thrives under pressure kinda gal.  After June 13th, life became a battle 

From one day to the next our lives got turned completely upside down.   

This article is an attempt to shed some light on what’s behind my crazy social media posts and sometimes defensive and possibly even aggressive behavior.


Here goes…  

I have 4 kids ages 4-11.  They are my pride and joy.  Little evolving minds, so curious about the world around them.  They have so much of me in them it brings me such joy and sometimes fear.  I also see so much of my husband in them, it boggles my mind. I often wonder about what their futures will look like.  My husband and I joke about the type of lifestyles they could possibly lead. We laugh at the possibilities but at the end of the day all we want is for them to be happy and healthy.  Doesn’t every parent want that for their kids? Health and happiness? Everything else is irrelevant.

Every decision I have ever made since becoming a mother 12 years ago, was to benefit my kids.  My needs and wants came second to my kids. I, like many mothers, sacrifice a lot for my kids. At times it’s rewarding and other times, not so much.  It could get very dark and lonely. But that didn’t matter. Raising healthy, happy kids who will one day make a contribution to the world was all that mattered.  

Prior to June 13, 2019, my family was on a religious exemption from vaccinations.  I started vaccinating my older two kids as babies like I was supposed to do because, well, my doctor said I should.  I never felt fully comfortable with it, but I figured my pediatrician, who i really liked and trusted, told me they were safe and effective.  So of course I trusted her.  

When my son was born, I decided that I was going to delay his vaccines and start when he’s a little older.  I didn’t see a need to vaccinate him with the hepatitis B vaccine at one day old. I never understood why they did this.  I was tested for hepatitis during pregnancy and the results were negative, so i didn’t understand the need to vaccinate a newborn for something they clearly didn’t have.  So I held off.  

Throughout my son’s first year of life, he was sick all the time.  Every holiday picture and celebration with his two big sister’s, he looked terribly ill.  He ran constant fevers. We were back and forth to specialists for his unexplained high fevers but doctors never found anything, thankfully so.  But at the same time clearly something was going on. 

I became very dedicated, aka obsessed, with everything I put on and in his body.  If his immunity was compromised and the doctors were missing something, I wanted to make sure every product i put on his body and food that goes in his mouth, will help and not hinder him.   

I was shocked, disappointed and so angry when I learned about all the toxic ingredients I was exposing him and his sisters too on a daily basis without even knowing.  

Who knew that Dreft baby detergent is a carcinogen?  It can have developmental, endocrine and reproductive effects on our little babies.  The EWG rated Dreft a level F which is the worst rating a product can receive. I have been using this detergent on my babies for the past four years.  I was so angry. This is the number 1 baby recommended laundry detergent. It’s hypoallergenic and gentle for a baby’s delicate skin. How is this toxic product lining store shelves?  How is it passing safety testing? Who the fuck is testing these products?

For more on nontoxic wellness products click here


The rabbit hole deepens!      

The post Dreft days have very similar outcomes.  Everything I’ve known to be true, was not. Baby foods were genetically modified and sprayed with tons of pesticides that shouldn’t be anywhere near our little developing babies.  The plastic bottles and sippy cups that we were using, had bisphenol A (BPA) which has been proven to disrupt normal hormone levels and development in fetuses, babies, and children.  It’s also been linked to behavior problems, heart conditions and cancer. Fluoridated water that my doctor recommended giving to my babies for healthy gums and teeth, is toxic.  Fluoride is a known neurotoxin and can lead to neurological problems, reproductive issues, cardiovascular problems and so much more.  

We are poisoning our kids!  How are these products passing safety testing and being marketed for babies?  How many mothers are unaware and think they are doing good for their babies? What if I didn’t decide to do my own research on what I was putting on and in my kids bodies?  Why didn’t my doctor tell me any of this?   

The disbelief was unfathomable.  And the thought of what could have been with my little boy, brings me to tears.    

At the same time I learned about the dangers in our everyday food and products I was using on my babies, I was learning about the dangerous ingredients in childhood vaccinations that we were giving to our babies.  



Known to cause brain damage., linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, seizures, autoimmune issues, SIDs and cancer. This toxin accumulates in the brain and causes more damage with each dose.



Known to cause Cancer. Probable gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, immune, nerve and reproductive system poison.  Banned from injectables in most European countries.


Human and Animal Cells

Human DNA from aborted babies. pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brains, dog kidneys, cow hearts, monkey kidneys, chick embryos, calf serum, sheep blood & more. Linked to childhood leukemia and diabetes.


Mercury [thimerosal] 

Tiny doses cause damage to the brain, gut, liver, bone marrow, nervous system and/or kidneys. Linked to autoimmune disorders, and neurological disorders like Autism. 


Polysorbate 80 & 20

Known to cause Cancer in animals and linked to numerous autoimmune issues and infertility.

Why didn’t my pediatrician mention any of this to me?  She knew my concerns about keeping my baby healthy. Why wouldn’t she tell me about the unsafe ingredients in vaccines?  Was it intentional? Was she not aware?      

My pediatrician assured me that vaccines were safe and effective and recommended that we go ahead and start vaccinating my son.  I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bring myself to vaccinate him knowing these ingredients were present and his immune system wasn’t up to par.        


The start of our Health & Wellness Journey

This is when we officially started on our health and wellness journey.  My kids were 4,3 and 1. I stopped focusing on vaccinating my kids for the time being and focused on how the immune system works and ways in which we can strengthen it as naturally as possible.    

People did not know that I did not vaccinate my kids.  People did not know that I spent years researching vaccine ingredients and (lack of) safety studies.  People did not know that I don’t agree with artificial immunity. People did not know that I view our bodies as a temple that god created and poisoning them with artificial, genetically modified ingredients goes against everything I believe in.  People did not know that I am pro life and the very thought that there are aborted fetal tissues in vaccines makes me sick to my stomach. People did not know that I believe in nursing our babies and passing on our antibodies from natural immunity that will strengthen their immunities in the long run.   

I didn’t talk about it with many people.  When it came up in conversation I would offer very little to the discussion and when asked, I would simply answer that we were on a delayed schedule.  No one knew that I stopped vaccinating my girls or my son had never been vaccinating. 

My kids were on a religious vaccination exemption and they went to school just like everyone else.  My kids were always good students. They always receive good grades, never get into trouble, have lots of friends and are very respectful.  No one knew they weren’t vaccinated and that’s the way I wanted it.  


June 13, 2019

June 13, 2019, New York State was voting on a bill to remove religious exemptions.  The bill was supposed to be killed because they didn’t have the numbers to pass it. But in good ol’ corrupt political fashion, they managed to turn a nay vote into a yay vote and S2994 was signed, sealed and delivered.       

That was the day I had my first panic attack. We were stripped of our religious freedom.  It was unconstitutional, immoral and unethical.  Everything has been kinda a blur since then. 

After much contemplation and prayer, we decided we wanted our kids in school.  We moved to the area just 3 short years ago to be able to put our kids in good schools.  Plus homeschooling wasn’t for me. With four kids, I’m barely staying afloat with our current situation.  Homeschooling would surely push me over the edge.  

The CDC recommended “catch up” schedule was very aggressive and deemed extremely unsafe by many health care professionals.  Not my pediatrician. My pediatrician is very much for multiple, combined shots.  

I decided to go against my gut and follow this absurd “catch up” schedule.  We tested titers and then came up with a plan to catch them up. The school still kicked two of my kids out even though we were showing a good faith effort but that’s a whole other blog post.     

My daughter was out of school for one month but my son, having never been vaccinated, I wanted to space them out, leaving ample time for detoxes in between shots, so he was going to be out for longer.  The plan was to have him back in school by Christmas time.   

He received his first vaccination on Aug. 20, 2019.  For 7 years my smart, healthy, flourishing boy was vaccine free and thriving.  Seeing the nurse inject that needle into his arm is a vision I will never get out of my head and something I will regret for the rest of my life.  I cried my eyes out… for days. The very thought of it still turns my stomach.    

Insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks became a consistent thing.  I went against everything I believe in and know is true in my heart and it was eating me up inside.  I was having negative feelings that I’ve never had before and I didn’t know how to deal with it.    

One night in the middle of the night, after a vaccine, my son spiked a fever of 105.  He was yelling, screaming, kicking and crying. He was hallucinating. We couldn’t calm him down and I was terrified.  What the fuck did I just do to my boy?

My pediatrician told me that this is a common side effect and nothing to worry about.  It means that the vaccine was working.

This went on for the next three nights.    


I just couldn’t do it   

That following Monday I sent in my IHIP (individualized home instruction plan).  I could not continue to poison my little boy.  That wasn’t a normal reaction, I don’t care what my doctor says and there was no way in hell I could continue vaccinating him after that kind of reaction.      

My son attended 2nd grade with the greatest teacher on the planet for a total of 13 days.  Then they threw him out like yesterday’s garbage. Words cannot describe my feelings. I went to his classroom, had a heart to heart with his teacher and retrieved all of his supplies.  It was the saddest day of my life.   

We are now 6 months in and homeschooling is going way better than I would have ever imagined.  I’m sad to think about all the things he’s missing out on in school. My heart breaks but I know it will mold him into a happy and healthy young man who will be sympathetic to people’s views and differences.  

 But he is as happy as a clam.  He’s so easy going and just kinda goes with the flow.  I see him improving every single day.  


Where are we now?

I am not anti- vaccine.  In fact I hate that term.  I am vaccine aware. I am pro informed consent and the vaccine industry is not being transparent.  One bill that I am very much in favor of is the S7214

which will require health care providers to provide patients with a list of vaccine ingredients so parents can make informed decisions.  I wish I had this prior to vaccinating my kids. Maybe I wouldn’t have felt so deceived. Sadly doctors only receive half a days training on vaccine ingredients safety and effectiveness as stated by the leading health scientist at the annual World Health Organization meeting.  Hopefully this bill will raise the standard and mandate physicians to get adequate training on vaccines.    

26,000 New York kids were kicked out of school as a result of S2994.

Losing our religious freedom was just the beginning.  Sadly there are many bad bills In NY that would take away our medical freedom and parental rights. 

  • S3899a (Krueger) /A973a (Paulin) which would allow minors to get vaccines for hepatitis B at any age, and Gardasil (HPV) at age nine without parental knowledge or consent. 
  • Bill S298b (Hoylman) /A2912 (Paulin) which would require all seventh graders in the state to get Gardasil, in order to attend school.
  • Bill S2776 (Hoylman) / A2316 (Dinowitz) which would require annual flu vaccines for all children in the state in order to attend daycare or preschool and K-12.
  • S4244B/A6564B Allows children 14 and older to be vaccinated without parental consent
  • A099 Allows forced vaccination and medical treatment under certain circumstances.  Allows detainment of perceived health threats.


It is open season on our kids.  It doesn’t matter if you are for or against vaccines, we cannot let our government make medical decisions for our kids. PERIOD!   

The good thing that came out of all this is I now have a voice as do so many other amazing families that I’ve met because of this.  The relationships that developed and strengthened because of this warms my heart.  


We are finally bringing some much needed, overdue discussions regarding vaccines.   

Why aren’t vaccine manufacturers held accountable for injury or death?  The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (the Act) established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) as a federal “no-fault” compensation system for individuals who may have been injured by specific covered vaccines. 

How much money has been paid out by the vaccine injury court? 4.2 billion

Are the ingredients in vaccines really safe for our kids?

Are aborted fetal embryos used in vaccines?  How many aborted babies were needed before they found one with the virus necessary to create the vaccine?

What was the autism rate in 1990?  How about in 2000? What about in 2020?  

Do physicians get compensation for having a certain number of patients vaccinated?

Where are the double blind placebo safety testing? 

How much training do doctors receive on vaccine safety and effectiveness?


If we are expected to give our kids 72 doses of vaccines from birth to 18 don’t you think these are important questions we should be talking about?  

New York is not the only state that is enforcing these mandates.  Many other states, one by one, are removing religious, medical and parental rights.  

Get involved.  Call your senator and assembly person and tell them you oppose vaccine mandates.  Before it’s too late.   


You don’t have to be anti-vax to be pro religious and medical freedom, parental rights and body autonomy.  We are in unchartered waters right now.  Which side of history will you be on?


For more on our journey, click here  Live Free or Die Hard Trying: Finding Peace after losing our Religious Rights

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