We found our freedom, now we need to keep it



We are in our new home state for a month and a week and so far so good.  The kids are adjusting really well to southern living and we love our new home.  This was very concerning as I’ve only seen our new home twice, one time virtual and the other in person for no more than 15 minutes.  The pressure was on that beautiful spring day of mother’s day weekend when we flew down here during the middle of a pandemic to decide on what will hopefully be our forever home.  (That story here)  I thank my lucky stripes that our new home is everything we could ever want or need.  Being the “there’s no time, like the present time” kinda person that I am, our home was completely unpacked and looked like we’ve been living here for years within two weeks of arriving.

Now we are in the process of getting acclimated and creating a new normal down in the low country.  We have a large southern style front porch that I love.  We just got a pair of rocking chairs to sit on and enjoy southern living and boy it definitely does not disappoint.  We have a large hanging swing on a screened in back porch that also brings me so much joy.  I’m sitting here right now listening to Elton John’s greatest hits and drinking my homemade sweet tea while writing this blog post.  Not too shabby.

In the evenings I go for walks around my community on the cart trail of a beautiful golf course, sometimes we go as a family and sometimes I go by myself with my music.  The greenery, ponds, palm trees, pink skies, chirping birds and sunsets do wonders for my soul.  There’s always random moments where I just become so overwhelmed with emotion.  There’s something about the sunset shining through palm trees that just gets me every damn time. 🙂  I think about how we got here (that story here), where we are now and where we are going.  It’s bitter-sweet for sure.    


Our world is in such turmoil right now and there are so many unknowns.  We are now considered a Covid “hot zone” and there are travel restrictions in New York so we haven’t been back to see our family whom we miss terribly.  My son didn’t get to make his first holy Communion with his class.  He couldn’t care less, but it ways heavy on me.  It’s all part of God’s plan I guess.  We don’t know what schools will look like here.  It’s pretty ironic that we left New York so my kids can go to school (that story here), only to come here for our kids to not be able to attend school.  This isn’t something I would have ever predicted.  The silver lining for me is that whatever happens with my kids school, it will be my choice.  My kids are signed up for school with our religious beliefs intact and that is enough for me.

We came here for religious freedom, medical freedom, body autonomy and parental rights and that is what we got so my heart’s content.  The corona panic is an unnecessary nuisance but hopefully this madness will end soon.  The infection rate is up here primarily because more testing is being done.  Testing healthy, asymptomatic people just doesn’t make any kind of sense, especially for a disease that has a 99.8% recovery rate.  The death rate remains low and the recovery rate remains high so that is a good thing despite what the mainstream media says. 

I am being proactive in making sure my new home state continues to respect and uphold our constitutional rights.  Our freedom is not guaranteed, especially with the Covid pandemic and underlying agenda so I am doing my part in making sure we maintain our god given constitutional rights.  What I decide to put in mine and my children’s bodies should ALWAYS be my parental right.  I am contacting all of my local and federal elected officials to open the lines of communication and get them to understand the importance of maintaining these rights from my own perspective.  We have groups, coalitions and a growing tribe of freedom fighters who have been victims of a corrupt NY government and are ready, willing and able to continue the battle in maintaining our freedom here.  If we lose our freedom here, America is doomed and we lose our freedom everywhere.  It’s Game On!    


In the meantime I am enjoying the simplicity of southern living.  Southern hospitality is a real thing and it is amazing.  The people down here are so much different than the people up north.  They are genuinely nice, respectful, caring people.  They want to see you do good and succeed.  Things  move at a much slower pace here which is nice but takes some getting adjusted to.  Everyone is a bit more laid back and relaxed here.  Southern charm is real and it is truly magnificent.  From the old style plantation houses, beautiful landscaping and scenery and gorgeous beaches, it’s all truly charming.

I am embracing the beauty and culture of southern living and I am enjoying every moment of it.  I feel like I am exactly where I’m meant to be.  My heart is content and my soul is at peace.  I sleep at night like I haven’t slept in years.  The only thing missing is my family.  I wish our families were here enjoying this beautiful life right along with us.  I miss our family and friends so much and it stings that we had to choose between our loved ones and our freedom.  But as hard as it is being away from the people we love, I know we made the right decision.  My only regret is that we didn’t make this move sooner.  This is what living is all about.  The busting our asses, paying high taxes, bad whether, barely making ends meet under a tyrannical federal government we did up north was not living, it was existing.  I’m thankful for our experiences, no matter how unfair and unsolvable they seemed, because without all the stress, anxiety and sleepless nights, we wouldn’t have found our way home.  

~ While I breathe I hope  


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