Live Free or Die Hard Trying: Finding Peace after losing our Religious Rights

I recently published a blog post on our experience losing our religious exemption for vaccines and our kids being kicked out of school.  Click here for the full story. The feedback I received has been amazing.  Sadly many of us have been affected and mine is just one story of thousands of other families whose lives have been turned upside down.  

Since being kicked out of school, kids throughout NY have been missing out on mandated services, parents were forced to quit work to homeschool, the parent-child relationship has been strained due to resistance on one or both parts, marriages have been compromised and have even ended and families have been forced to separate and relocate.  The stories of how so many lives have been affected are horrific and unwarranted. 

The 26,000 kids that were on a religious exemption in NY account for 1% of the population.  They were not a health threat to the overall population. These kids weren’t kicked out of school for the measles outbreak that had been plaguing our area.  You can’t spread a disease you don’t have. These kids were kicked out to serve a greater agenda.  


Anger, Sadness and Disappointment 

This experience has been a huge wake up call for me.  Sadly the health and well being of our children is not a priority to the big name players like the pharmaceutical companies, CDC, FDA and World Health Organization.  They don’t give a shit about the health of our kids and if you think they can be trusted, I’m sorry to tell you that you are sadly mistaken. It’s a tough pill to swallow, I know.  While the rest of the world is sleeping at night, I’m up reading, researching and putting puzzle pieces together on a corrupt system. The sad reality is, it all comes down to the almighty dollar.  Our kids’ health and wellness mean absolutely nothing. Healthy people don’t create customers. My family has been the target of a corrupt system and it has me feeling all sorts of different emotions.  If I had to pinpoint my big feelings, which thanks to journaling I have been able to identify, they are anger, sadness and disappointment.    



I’m angry that these organizations are making health policies for our kids.  I’m angry that our rights have been violated. I’m angry that in the greatest country in the world, we’re not free to practice our religious rights.  I’m angry that the government thinks they know what is best for my children. I’m angry that my kids were used as pawns for a bigger agenda. I’m angry that my family was put on blast on a very private topic.  I’m angry that we were stripped of our constitutional rights. The constitution requires that all kids be given equal educational opportunity regardless of race, ethnic backgroud, religion or sex. My kids being kicked out of school for not doing something that goes against our religious beliefs is unconstitutional.  

We met with local politicians, protested, wrote letters and made phone calls to fight for our religious freedom but sadly it just fell on deaf ears.  Why are politicians so adamant on mandating vaccines? Who are they to make health decisions for our kids? Could they really care about the health and wellness of our kids?  If they did they would remove fluoride from our drinking water, mandate efficient food labeling and would never allow half the ingredients in the foods we give our kids.  



I’m sad when I see the bus go by and my son isn’t on it.  I’m sad when all his school friends are going on with their lives and he’s left behind.  I’m sad that my son has been robbed of a second grade school experience. I’m sad that he’s missing out on having our favorite teacher in our school.  We were so excited for my son to get this teacher and he sat in her class for a total of 13 days. He would have flourished with her this year and he was robbed of that.  This hurts my heart. I’m sad that my son is growing up in adversity. He’s being punished for my choices and that makes me sad. I’m sad for New Yorkers who had to comply and go against everything they believe in.  I’m sad that there are many bad bills that if passed, will vaccinate our children against sexually transmitted diseases and would vaccinate our kids without parents’ knowledge or consent. How is this okay?     



I’m disappointed in a whole lot of things.  For one I’m disappointed in our school district.  We moved to our home not even four years ago for better schools for our kids.  I had such high hopes for our school and they always lived up to my expectations, until now.  I understand that we were treading new waters and protocols were being established as they arose, but the lack of communication, misinformation of the law and complete disregard of my family was extremely disappointing and beyond frustrating.  The letter we received home when my kids were kicked out of school stated that transportation had been notified that my kids were not permitted on the school bus and if they step foot on school property during school hours they would be considered trespassing.  They were 6 and 9 years old. Perhaps I was being a little overly sensitive given the circumstances but this stung. I was the class mother for all three of my school aged kids and on the executive board of our school’s PTA and I received a letter home telling me that if my kids step foot on school grounds they’d be considered trespassing.  I understand the need to be diplomatic but a little compassion goes a long way, especially at the elementary level. I guess my definition of what an educator should be was way off base and it was a big wake up call for me.    

I was extremely disappointed with the lack of resources our district provided us.  After getting the run around for weeks and a stop in responses to my phone calls and emails inquiring about possible resources, I heard through the grapevine that the district’s official position on the new homeschool kids is they are not required to provide homeschool families with resources.  That stung. Especially from a district that prides itself on community and children first. I guess it’s only for the good little children that comply. I did speak with a lovely lady in our district who helped me with my individualized home education plan and quarterly reviews I have to submit but that’s as far as it goes.  My district kicked us to the curb and wanted nothing to do with us after this.    

When schools decided to close due to the Coronavirus pandemic, my district came up with a very sophisticated distance learning plan.  The kids got their chromebooks and we received emails home everyday informing us on how we as a community are going to move forward and support our kids during these unprecedented and difficult times.  Why couldn’t we get a response like this when our kids got kicked out of school back in September? It’s a far cry from a one line response I’d received from a mobile device weeks later.       

So my kids were kicked out of school without a plan in place, a follow up on how to best move forward, or any type of resources.  Not even a frieken pencil which I think is a total disgrace.      

I ended up researching different homeschool curricula and programs and I invested in resources that I felt were a good fit for us.  I was also a teacher prior to having kids so I already had some resources and I knew certain programs that I loved. They actually did me a favor because I was able to steer clear of the bull shit common core crap they were doing in school.  I also received tons of resources from my teacher friends. The amount of support and outreach I received during this time was really heartwarming and I keep this near and dear to my heart.  

I’m also very disappointed in the catholic church.  Why are they not standing up for our religious rights?  Vaccinations go against the catholic teaching. There are aborted fetal embryos in vaccines.  It’s contradictory to its teachings and it just doesn’t make sense to me. I am now questioning everything I know about the catholic religion and I find myself at a crossroads.  I am a very spiritual person and God is a very important part of my life so I’m having a hard time being part of a religious group that doesn’t align with my beliefs. 

I’m not living my best life and I’m over it  

So these feelings of anger, sadness and disappointment set in hard.  I couldn’t believe this was our lives now. This wasn’t part of the plan.  I have always been a very positive and optimistic person. I’ve lost that. This broke me.  I’m tired and I don’t want to do it anymore. I’m not living my best life and I’m over it.    

The hubby and I sat down one night with a glass (es) of whiskey and we talked about our future and what we want for our kids.  We made lists.., lots of lists. We laughed, we cried and we decided that we were done with it. it just isn’t worth it. As long as we are living in NY, I won’t be able to live in alignment with my views and beliefs.  I thrive on positivity and living in alignment with my true self and as long as we stay here, I won’t live free. Life is too precious and I don’t want to spend it being angry and bitter. Public education is a constitutional right.  Religious freedom, medical freedom, body autonomy and parental rights are constitutional rights. I shouldn’t have to nor do I want to fight for it.  

A few weeks later we had a for sale sign on our front lawn.  Born and raised New Yorker’s, we’re leaving the only life we’ve ever known behind.  We are a big, crazy, loud, close knit family and we are leaving them all. Never in a million years did I think we would move away from our families.  The thought of singing Happy Birthday to my kids without their grandparents and cousins around them makes my heart hurt so bad. We’ve made the most amazing friends that have become like family and I’m sad for all of us to have to leave that behind.  We met so many amazing homeschool families and some great, authentic friendships have formed that I cherish. I’m so angry and upset that it has come to this but as long as we are living in NY we won’t be free and I need to live free. Religious and medical freedom, body autonomy and parental rights are way too important to me.    


Live Free or Die Hard Trying

I am petrified to make such a big move with 4 kids.  I’m scared if the law follows to our future home state and we get stripped of our freedoms again.  The big agenda according to the World Health Organization is to have every single human on this planet vaccinated by 2030, which is why they must be stopped.  I’ve done extensive research on many states throughout the US and the state we are moving our family to is a long standing repbulican state that believes in upholding the constitution.  They have a strong health coalition that is killing off bad bills before they even hit the floor. This gives me hope. We are working our way toward freedom, peace and joy and it makes my heart happy.  I long to live free or will die hard trying.  

During these quarantine days, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching, reflection and manifestation.  I envision what our new lives will look like and feel like and I’m excited to be able to live in alignment again with my true self.  I’m ready to start living my best life again. I think this pandemic is God’s way of saying to New York that they fucked up. These 26,000 kids should never have been kicked out of school in the first place, so now all kids are out of school. 

I’m sad for all the freedom fighters and truth seekers we are leaving behind.  But I want you all to know that I will never stop fighting this battle with you.  I have learned so much from so many amazing families I have met because of this debacle.  For me that is the silver lining. These are amazing mothers (and fathers) who will stop at nothing for their kids health and wellness.  You are amazing and I am a better person because of all of you. You are always in my prayers. Never Stop Fighting!     

This experience has definitely changed me.  I know I will move on and I believe time heals all wounds but I don’t think I will ever fully get over this.  Besides aging 100 years in the past 10 months, I lost a piece of me. This experience made me see the harsh realities of the world and all its ugliness.  The corruption runs deep and I pray that during these uncertain times, they get exposed for the frauds that they are. I will continue to pray that good overpowers evil and I will never stop sharing my truth.

God Bless Us All!

For more on what will hopefully be our forever home, click here 

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