Podcast Episode 12 ~ 12 ways to boost your mood in 60 seconds or less

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Show Notes 




1.  Breathe in pleasant scents 


Citrus or peppermint invigorate and lift mood, Lavender is calming




2   Take a “joke break”


Listen to a joke.  Ask Siri to tell you a joke.   Leaves you feeling a little bit lighter




3.   Boost your mood before you start your day by setting your intentions  


Set your intentions for the day before even getting out of bed.  Today will be a great day.




4.   Interrupt negative thoughts with gratitude


Every time you have a negative thought, replace it with a positive.  In your head, or aloud, say things you are grateful for. If you can write them down in a journal.  


No matter how awful life can be, there’s always something to be grateful for.”




5.  Combine a physical act with a mantra


Put your hands in prayer motions, breath and repeat “I am calm, I am relaxed”.  




6.  Watch a funny video


Watch a quick funny clip.  Keep a playlist on you tube




7.  Practice deep breathing


Focus on the breath 




8.  Do a one-minute meditation


download a meditation app 




9.  Connect with nature


Go for a mindfulness walk, ride your bike go for a jog, go sit under a tree and count the birds.  




10.  Play your favorite tunes


Listening to music is a quick way to shift your mood.  Make a playlist of your favorite songs or artists and have them ready and available.  




11.  Send someone a kind message


Send a text message or email to someone.  Express gratitude for that person, pay them a random compliment, or ask how their day is going. 




12. Workout


Increased endorphins makes you happy












What are your thoughts???  Do you plan on incorporating any of these mood boosting tips in your life?   Leave me a comment






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