The Back to School Survival Guide

For the Naturally Minded Mom

The Everything you need Guidebook from starting to ending your day without stress and overwhelm. 

Does the school year have you disorganized, stressed out and running on empty?

Juggling it ALL can be super stressful and extremely overwhelming.    

If only moms can be cloned. 

Imagine having a double of yourself who does exactly what you want and how you want it without asking?  That would be nice.

Unfortunately I can’t give you a clone of yourself, but I can give you tools and steps you can take to simplify the busy back to school season and set yourself up for a smooth and successful school year.

The Back to School Survival Guide E-Book is just the Ticket

Kickstart into the New School Year with this easy to read, compact, all inclusive e-book.  Get actionable tasks that you can implement immediately so you can set yourself and your family up for a smooth and successful school year.

 E-book Layout


Establishing Routines and Systems

Learn how to create valuable routines, schedules and systems that will allow you to have a smooth day from start to finish.


Healthy Home Cooked Family Meals

Make healthy food choices that nourish your families bodies.  Get healthy recipe ideas and inspiration, including snack ideas.  Learn how to properly meal plan and meal prep so you can set yourself up for a healthy school year.



Rock the Lunchbox

Avoid the “Lunchbox Dilema” and set yourself up with the right tools and healthy lunch ideas that are kid approved.



Natural Immunity Boosting

My complete back to school wellness arsenal jam packed with natural immunity boosting tools including a “magic potion” recipe.  



Lice Prevention (the natural way)

Simple but effective steps you can take on a daily basis to avoid your child contracting lice.  

Hi, I'm Danielle

I’m a busy mom of 4 by day, blogger, entrepreneur, visionary and influencer by night.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Fordham University and a Master’s Degree in Childhood Education from Manhattanville College, I landed a teaching job in New York City Schools to kick off my teaching career.

After three years of teaching I got pregnant and decided to put my career on hold and stay at home with my baby. Fast forward 10 years and four kids later, I am home with my kids running a successful mom blog and online business.

I’m on a mission to help other busy moms create a pure, natural lifestyle where we can embrace every precious moment of this crazy ride.

Come along this journey with me and let’s live our best mom lives NOW

Start the School Year off the right way and set yourself up for success.

Common FAQ

How much does the E-book cost?  

For $7 you get over 30 + pages of valuable, actionable tasks that you can implement NOW to eliminate stress and overwhelm this school year.


How do I download the book?

Once payment is verified, a digital file will be waiting for you in your inbox.  


What format does the E-book come in?

It’s a PDF file.


How long do I have access to the Ebook?

Forever.  Once you download the digital file, it is yours forever.  You will also receive updated versions as they become available.

Who is the Back to School E-book for?


Natural Moms who like to use products that are pure, safe and effective.  

Moms looking to start off the school year the right way and pave the way for a successful year

Moms who want to simplify their busy lives  

Moms who are willing to spend some time establishing routines, creating systems and planning schedules 

Moms who want to feed their family’s healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen 

Dads are also encouraged to download the E-book!

What you will get by the end of the E-Book

  • Learn how to start your day with an effective morning routine so you can be fully present to get your kids off to school without a hitch 
  • Create  systems that help you manage busy schedules 
  • Plan and create schedules so you can manage your time effectively
  • Create a nighttime routine that sets the tone for a well needed good night’s sleep
  • Learn healthy food options that will fuel your kids with the proper nutrition 
  • Save time and money in the kitchen with optimal kitchen tools
  • Learn how to plan your meals effectively
  • Get recipe ideas and inspiration and how you can stretch out a meal across multiple meals
  • Get lunchbox ideas to avoid the “lunchbox dilema”
  • Learn pure, safe and effective immunity boosting supplements to avoid your kids getting sick
  • “Magic Potion” recipe that boosts immunity and tastes good too
  • Learn how to use essential oils as a wellness remedy
  • Natural ways to prevent lice from invading your home  


So often we get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of life with kids.  My goal is to simplify life and reduce the stress and overwhelm so us mama’s can be present and embrace every moment.  

Bonus Limited Time Only


For a limited time only, get a FREE 

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Eliminate stress and overwhelm by keeping your busy mom life organized this back to school season. 


Small Steps = Big Impact

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