Amazon for Moms ~ 10 Reasons why EVERY busy mom needs Amazon in their life

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Amazon has been taking the world by storm.  They are the worlds largest online retailer and with good reason.  They are constantly updating and creating to keep up with our fast paced world.

As a mom of 4 young kids, I take full advantage and LoVe everything Amazon has to offer.

Amazon Prime is a paid service that offers its members many great advantages.  The fee is $119 per year, but you can get a 30 day free trial to see if it’s a good fit for you.  In my opinion, it is well worth every single cent.

Here are some of the many benefits how an Amazon Prime Membership can make your busy mom life a little easier.


Free 2 day Shipping

As moms, online shopping has become super convenient.  But if your anything like me, you are not a fan of waiting for your products to arrive because that would require pre planning and who has time for that?  Living in a fast paced world, instant gratification is what works and Amazon knows this.

Secondly, you despise shipping fees.  I will search high and low on every app, web site and coupon book, looking for a free shipping promo code just to avoid the shipping costs.  Amazon, and all of its genius-ness, offers FREE, 2 day shipping on all qualifying Prime products.

The best part of it all is theres no minimum purchase required.  I can’t tell you how many times I ordered toothpaste in the middle of the night after a sudden awakening with a reminder that we are almost out.  Now that is the sort of convenience that moms need.


Subscribe & Save

Subscribe & Save is included with your Prime Membership.  It’s an automated delivery service of thousands of products from personal care, to household items and baby care and everything in between.  You can select the quantity and schedule that works for you from monthly to every 6 months, and shipping is ALWAYS FREE!

There’s no commitment.  You can skip or cancel deliveries at any time.

You can also earn great discounts on some of your everyday products.  You can earn 15% off when receiving 5 or more products in a single month.  Prime members can save 20% off select baby subscriptions of diapers, baby food and more when receiving 5 or more baby related products in a given month, through the Amazon Family program.

Once your list is set up, you can have your favorite products delivered to your door like clock work.  I get diapers, wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, toiletries, and cleaning products delivered right to my door every month.  Every mom needs Amazon Subscribe & Save for the super convenience and super savings.


Amazon Family

Complete the Amazon Family Membership and you can get 20% off diaper subscriptions, baby food, diaper genies, vitamins and more so long as your order has 5 or more subscriptions in a given month through the Subscribe & Save Program.

You get free shipping and can skip, cancel or modify your subscriptions as needed.

Parenting made easy.


Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is a store where members can shop for thousands of household items delivered right to your door.  They offer low prices, exclusive coupons and money off orders that contain 5 qualifying items.

Amazon offers two new options to pay for shipping

  • pay $7.99 shipping for your order, no matter how many boxes it comes in,
  • pay $4.99 per month to get UNLIMITED shipping included on orders $40 or more.  

Amazon now sells Whole Foods pantry items which is a total game changer for me.  I get all of my kids favorite healthy snacks delivered right to my door.  #Winning

Amazon also offers Amazon Fresh.  Thousands of fresh produce and everyday products delivered to your home.  Click here to see if Amazon Fresh is available in your area.


Prime Video

Your Prime membership unlocks tons of popular movies, Prime exclusive movies and t.v. shows to watch, rent or buy.  Add the app to your smart phone or tablet for constant entertainment while on the go.  There’s a huge selection of favorite kid t.v. shows, and popular adult t.v. series that are free to stream.


Amazon Music

Prime members have access to over 2 million ad free, on demand songs.  Amazon music is my go to for music streaming whether at the gym or hosting a gathering at my house.  Amazon music has a great, diverse selection of music to choose from.  Every mom needs Amazon Music to rock out to their favorite jams while killing it in the momming game.

Members can upgrade to Music Unlimited  to get tens of millions of ad free, on demand songs that work hands free with Alexa.


Kindle Unlimited

Choose from over 1 million titles, thousands of audiobooks and current magazines on any device.  You don’t need a Kindle device, just download the app and enjoy the benefits of having a kindle.



Audible is an on demand library of books that you can listen to whenever and wherever you want with the free app.  There are different membership options available based on your reading/listening needs.  This is a great way for busy moms to get reading in while always on the go.


Prime Photos

Prime members get access to free online photo storage. You can save and share unlimited photos on your desktop, mobile device, and tablet. Share unlimited photo storage with up to 5 people, and collect photos together in the Prime Photos Family Vault.  With the Prime Photos mobile and web apps, photo backup is super easy.  Added bonus is you get free delivery on prints and customized photo gifts. Every mom needs Amazon Prime Photos to organize the thousands of photos we take that just sit in our phones.


Convenience made easy

Amazon is a one stop shop that has EVERYTHING you need from personal items, household items, furniture, food, toys, gifts, electronics and more.  There are apps you can download on your mobile device and tablets that are user friendly and easy to navigate.  Returns are super easy if you are unhappy with an item for whatever reason.  No questions asked!  You can get a full refund or credit on your account.  Finally, their award winning customer service team is focused on preventing and solving problems, leaving customers satisfied and always coming back for more.  I have had quite a few interactions with Amazon’s customer service and I was always pleasantly surprised with my experience.


These are just some of the MANY programs and services available to Prime Members.  Every mom needs Amazon in their busy, fast faced lives to make mom life a little bit easier.

How do you use Amazon to simplify your busy mom life?  Drop me a comment below.


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